Machine Knitting: A-Z of Machine Knitting- Letter K is for …

Letter K in machine knitting is for …

Knitting Machine: This is a machine that is used for knitting yarns or wool into knitwear or to make knitted garments.

Knitting machine can be manual, punch-card or electronic.

Knit Contour: This is a mechanical or electronic device with a set of stitch scales for scaling or charting a garment pattern to be knitted on the knitting machine.

Knit Leader: This is a knitting machine’s mechanical device with a set of stitch scales, a ruler, a pen, for scaling or charting a garment pattern to be knitted. The device’s brackets are used to attach it to the machine while the guides hold the mylar sheet.

Knit Carriage: This is a knitting machine carriage used for creating knitted stitches.

Knitting Needles: Knitting needles come in various styles/types, sizes, and lengths. The size of the knitting needles affects the size of the stitch and swatch gauge( The bigger the needle size the bigger the stitch -the size that will be made). Knitting needles are made from different materials like Plastic, steel, bamboo, and much more.

  • Double pointed(DPN),
  • cables (bent or straight)
  • circular
  • Single pointed(Regular)

And the style/type of knitting needles are used in knitting different projects or stitch pattern;

For example,

  • the double-pointed needle is used for knitting I-chord, socks and much more.
  • A cable knitting needle can be used in knitting cable stitches, holding stitches and much more.
  • Circular knitting needles can be used in knitting large projects which require a lengthy needle, circular projects and much more.

The size of the knitting needles ranges from 2mm to 15mm depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers do produce custom sizes.

Knitting Terms \ Terminology: These are terms used in machine knitting or words used or pertaining to machine knitting. These words or terms can be used to describe stitch patterns, equipment, tools and many more.

Knitwear: This is a garment made from yarn or wool by knitting or crocheting.

Knitting: This is the art of weaving yarns between needles( hand knitting needles or knitting machine needles). It is the act or process of manipulating yarn to make knitwear or knitted items using knitting needles or knitting machine.

A garment being knitted on the knitting machine

Knot: A tangle or fastening made by tying two or more pieces or yarn or fabric together.

Knitter: This is a person who knits.

Knitwear designer: This is a person who designs knitwear or garments to be made from knitted or crocheted stitches.

Knit over: This is the act of knitting or making a knit stitch over a stitch of a previous row.

Knitting Patterns: These are digital, printed or written instructions for making a knitwear or the knitwear advertised on the cover of the booklet.

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