Magazine: PC Gamer Magazine August 2021 Issue 359 creates the ‘Arrays’ on gaming with engaging topics

August 2021 issue of the PC Gamer magazine is out.

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PC Gamer August 2021 Issue 359

As the incredible strategy trilogy comes to an end with Total War: Warhammer III, we’ve been behind the scenes and hands-on for our massive cover feature. From giant magical bears to daemon armies to waging war with the Blood God himself in his own fiery realm, we’ve got all the skull-encrusted details you need to know.

Over in previews, we’ve gone hands-on with Rainbow Six Extraction (formerly Quarantine) – a spin-off that pits the operators from Siege against an alien invasion in tense co-op battles. Can this strange hybrid possibly work? Find out inside! Plus we’ve checked out the time-bending brilliance of Deathloop, the open world strategy of King’s Bounty II, and the fantastical journeys of Unexplored 2.

Further in, you can discover the fascinating story of the first-ever all-female pro-gaming tournament, in the words of its original competitors; explore one of the most ambitious Skyrim mods ever created, that was almost lost forever; join us for a chat with legendary Warhammer writer Dan Abnett as he reveals his work on Darktide; and much, much more.