Being A Cloud Enthusiast and One Who Studied Climatology in Geography, Anino designs part 1 of Cirrus-ly Cloudy’ Game– Crafters TV

Promising you entertainment, here is a snippet.

Here is a video recording of a game designed by Anino Ogunjobi titled “Cirrus-ly Cloudy”.

The pun is intended in the game title as it implies a seriously cloudy environment but using the name Cirrus which is a cloud name to convey the title meaning.

This is a collecting game with name and cloud matching but only the cloud’s types are named.

This game has a coordinating book that Anino is writing and she will tell you about part 2 of the game as well as her documentation/ docuseries in writing the bedtime stories book (look out for the post and her daily documentation of clouds videos which will be on Crafters TV – YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook).

Relax and enjoy the video recording of the gameplay.

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