Competition- Digital Art: Themes included, Clip Studio Paint tutorial themes competition for July 2021 with July 1–31, 10:00 (JST)/1:00 (UTC) Entry Period

Clip Studio Paint has announced the tutorial themes for its July 2021 and the entry period is July 1–31, 10:00 (JST)/1:00 (UTC).

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This month’s themes

Entry period

July 1–31, 10:00 (JST)/1:00 (UTC)

Theme 1

How to Draw Jewelry & Accessories#DrawingJewelry

Show us how to draw jewelry and accessories using brushes and layers with Clip Studio Paint. For example, painting detailed transparent sparkling jewels, or recreating the texture and reflections of precious metals.

Theme 2

Creating with Figure Tools#FigureTools

Let’s see how to efficiently use the sub tools under Figure tool > Direct Draw group in Clip Studio Paint. We’re looking forward to hearing about how to draw small objects with the line and shape sub tools, how to color with the Lasso Fill sub tool, and other ways to use them!

Theme 3

Using Photoshop Brushes#UsingPhotoshopBrushes

How do you use imported Photoshop brushes (.abr) in Clip Studio Paint? Share with us any customizations, such as adding an image to the brush tip, or adjusting Clip Studio Paint’s Color Jitter or Dual Brush settings.


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