Craft News: Amy Butler shares her sentiment about the fear phobia of dreaming big as she advocates ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big’

Don’t be afraid to Dream Big! Amy Butler writes.

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Don’t be afraid to Dream Big

Happy Summer Friends!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful season, spreading your wings, and having great experiences connecting to what you love! Time in my garden and being outside on the trails has been keeping me happy and grounded. I’m savoring more than I ever have and am loving the lushness of our humid Ohio summer. My crafty energy is rising too and inside this newsletter you’ll find many new developments and points of inspiration for the coming months ahead! I hope you can join me for some or all of the exciting experiences on the horizon.

You might be wondering about the subject title of my newsletter. This message comes straight from the heart of my dear friend and creative collaborator Hildie. We’ve been friends, and coach and client, for over 9 years and she has inspired me to grow and expand in my life through self exploration and guidance that is born from working with the Handel Group’s methodology. She and I have been developing free online workshops for our “Awaken Your Creative Spirit” series that will be launching soon! As we were talking about each of our journeys with this work Hildie shared a blog with me that she wrote that beautifully illustrates what I’ve experienced. I’ll include it here for you:

“Sometimes, I get so involved in the process of coaching that I forget to stop and smell the roses. Until a client writes, telling me all about it! My friend and client Amy Butler once shared a beautiful account of her journey through The Handel Method, and I wanted to share it with you because it demonstrates the power of actively dreaming and designing. Amy was already well into her successful career as a textile designer when she came to me for coaching. Something was still missing! Together, we spent time honing the details of her dreams for all the different areas in her life. In Amy’s own words, here’s what she found: “I started by looking into my heart big time, and designed dreams for myself that got me motivated. For example, I knew I wanted to grow my brand platform and my project, Blossom Magazine. I wrote a detailed dream about what the magazine means to me–how it would FEEL to create meaningful content that would ignite so many people, what that process would look like… I read my dream aloud every night, which kept me inspired and kept me in action. Because of that, my dream stayed at the forefront of my mind, and I worked my marketing and networking plan, connected with great partners, and now the first two issues of Blossom are printed and sold around the world! The inspiration within its pages will find its home in the hands of a global community, just as I crafted in my dream. In another dream, I wrote about making time for creative play with no direct purpose or business goal. I knew that I wasn’t giving myself enough time to relax and explore and engage with my friends. It’s easy to overlook the importance of creative play time, but prioritizing these weekends and putting them in the schedule made the dream happen! And so my “crafty weekends” were born! These have fed my soul in rich and surprising ways and the happiness that I feel as a result has poured over into my studio work, friendships and my relationship with my husband. Seeing my personal work have a positive and direct impact on those around me has been humbling and motivating for me. I want to be a great role model, an inspired leader who helps others gain the confidence to achieve their own goals and highest creative potential. I have found this work to be an invaluable asset to me creatively and spiritually, and I can’t wait for more!”

I can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to witness Amy’s continued success and happiness unfolding as a result of her design. This really is a step-by-step method that works if you use it. The world is a better place when people are actively engaged in designing happy lives. Elevating humanity…that’s my dream! Don’t be afraid to dream big! A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” ~ XO Hildie

That’s “my Hildie” for you.. she is a pure golden heart, present, dedicated and full of love! We both hope you can join us for one or more of our events. Be sure to see details for our “Awaken Your Creative Spirit” free workshops below.

THANK YOU for being here! Enjoy! and Namaste’ ~ Amy

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