Magazine: September 2021 Issue 360 of the PC Gamer takes ‘salute’ on its way to Newsstands

Issue of PC Gamer magazine is on its way to newsstands.

This issue we’ve had a marathon hands-on session with the explosive WWII action of Company of Heroes 3, and we couldn’t be more excited. Legendary developer Relic is ready to bring the RTS back in style, with a sprawling, Total Waresque campaign, tensely tactical battles, and unbelievable destruction tech. Read all about it in our huge cover feature.

Over in previews, we’ve got all the latest on Bethesda’s sci-fi follow-up to Skyrim, Starfield, and an in-depth look at Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus we’ve new info on Battlefield 2042, Redfall, Elden Ring, and The Anacrusis, a Left 4 Dead-like shooter from a legendary former Valve developer.

Elsewhere, we’ve delved into what makes Dungeon & Dragon’s Forgotten Realms such an enduring setting for videogames; explored Grand Theft Auto V as King Kong; ranked the best, most comfortable gaming chairs on the market; reviewed the month’s hottest releases; and much more.

Enjoy your issue!

Robin Valentine
Editor, PC Gamer

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