New Month: Revealing the ‘Content of The Heart’, We Welcome You to July 2021

Happy New Month to you!

It is the seventh month of the year and we just want to say welcome to this month of July.

Our theme for this month is “Content of the Heart”.

We will be sharing some video play of games by Anino/ Crafters TV. The video recording of the gameplay will be on Crafters TV YouTube channel.

Some new things will be unfolding on the blog soon and I will keep you updated.

Anino will be revealing some games playmat fabric using Crafters TV’s games’ elements on Spoonflower and hopefully, it will be added at later date to our shop on Fashion Formula and then launched at a later date.

This month we will share some digital greeting cards by CraftersTV for you to download and send to your loved ones on social media or digitally. We will also continue our daily greetings as well as other exciting posts.

Last month (June) we baked a Coffee and Walnut cake (step-by-step video tutorial) and also sang a birthday song to celebrate June birthday celebrants (the video will soon be on Anino TV and also on Crafters TV on YouTube). This month, July, we will continue in the same celebration.

We hope that this month is great for you.

We will try and keep you entertained.

Happy New Month, once again.

Happy New Month, once again.#CraftersTV, #NewMonth, #July2021, #Crafters, #CraftBlog, #CraftBlogger

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