“Since it is taking time to knit the knitwear for 12 crafts of machine knitting, I will be doing the screen recording- designing and uploading them first”– Anino

Due to other projects ( like my filming for Crafters TV talkshow and more), the knitting demonstration is taking time to manifest. I will no longer wait to complete the knitting demonstration before I upload the designing video of the next episode. This is because of the time it is taking to get the knitwear ready(knitting and videoing the knitting demonstration).

However, the video of each knitting demonstration will be uploaded when they are ready and will have a coordinating title and link for ease of search.

I will be uploading Episode 2 of 12 Crafts of Machine Knitting which is Shape and we will be using photographic images that is, creating a shape from a photographic image and then using it to make our knitwear.

So let’s progress with the designing of each knitwear and the knitting demonstration can follow when they are completed. No more slowing down!