Craft Me A Budget: Crafters TV’s Knitwear takes designing into Crochet-A-Long Ruler Lace Kaftan after successfully certifying the Crafters TV’s doll knitwear

Crafters TV is presenting a knitwear Crochet-A-Long. We will be making a ruler-lace kaftan for a lady, size 8-14.

If you desire, you can use any stitch you prefer. No limitation.

You can decide on the width (elbow to elbow or 30 inches, or wrist to wrist). The length is 51.9 inches.

This measurement is used to create a rectangle which is then rotated at 90 degrees and crocheted.

Tension – 3.75 stitches to 1 inch, 1.13 rows to 1 inch or 15 stitches to 4 inch, 4.5 rows to 4 inch.

You can use any colour that you desire, make it in stripes or plain solid, just crochet and have something exciting and admirable to wear during the Autumn.

You can also make it as a gift and we will give you hints on how to pack it.

Let’s make use of those yarns on our shelves.

Approximately 1200g Aran yarn.

When we have finished crocheting, a video and the crochet pattern will be available for free on the blog, Anino TV Youtube and Crafters TV YouTube.

Dolls wearing knitwear – kaftan in crochet ruler-lace

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