Reminisce of a Crafter: Season 2, Episode 4: The Lost Necklace- #CraftersTVInterview

Arianna was preparing for her interview with CraftersTV, she decided that instead of an indoor video, she would like to present an outdoor video demonstration of her cooking skills.

Being a little fussy over everything, she pulled us along (Taniah and I) along to the lakeside.

Taniah loves the wildflowers field near the lakeside and decided that she would want me to paint her and also video her as she runs through the field. I was alright with the idea.

We got everything we needed for Arianna’s video demonstration and my painting/sketches pad and off we went. Arianna’s son will be videoing her while she does the demonstrations.

We arrived at the lakeside in the evening time and the lakeside was surprisingly quiet. The tranquillity of the place was amazing.

We helped Arianna and her son in setting up. As soon as she started demonstrating and answering Crafters TV’s interview questions, we were about to leave when we decided to stay until she finished, and then we could run through the wildflowers’ field together.

Arianna’s son took photos and videos of us running and placing wildflowers in our hair and also making wildflower crowns and necklaces.

Arianna decided to cook us a meal as I painted from one of the pictures while Taniah and Arianna’s son decided to tell us some myths and folklore.

I finished painting and we all had the meal that Arianna cooked.

We can camp here and watch the stars, Arianna said.

I will make the call to respective family members to bring tents but this is unplanned, Arianna’s son said.

Hahaha… call them, it will be fun! We can never have a well-planned event, Arianna said.

Everyone agreed as Arianna’s son made the call. It was almost getting dark and all of a sudden…

“I have lost my necklace”, Tracia screamed.

Let’s see if we can find it, I said.

We won’t know when last you had it, Arianna said.

Why don’t we go through the pictures and see when last she had it, I replied.

We went through the pictures and as I took a closer look at the picture that I painted from, I noticed the necklace which was like a pattern.

I think we know where to look now, Taniah said.

Taniah, Arianna, and I saw the necklace hanging on one of the wildflowers.

You better keep that necklace properly this time, Arianna said with a laugh.

The tents arrived and we all took turns telling stories as we watched the night skies until we fell asleep.

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