Magazine- Gaming: Retro Gamer issue 225 takes the 20th anniversary of Sega’s Super Monkey Ball’s celebration to newsstand

Issue 225 of the Retro Gamer magazine is on its way to the newsstand.

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Our latest issue celebrates 20 years of Super Monkey Ball, Sega’s wonderfully silly simian-based party game. We look at its best minigames, hardest levels and numerous sequels and chat to Masao Shirosaki about the incoming HD remaster Banana Blitz

Other highlights of issue 225 include a look at the magnificent 8-bit platformer Chuckie Egg, including an interview with the coder behind the excellent Atari 8-bit version of Nigel Alderton’s hit game. We also head to Japan and revisit every aspect of Sega’s hit PS2 game Yakuza, from the best places to visit in-game to its many essential characters.

Our Making Of articles this month look at the creation of the fantastic Bullfrog strategy game Theme Park and we also reveal how Disney’s very first in-house games studio worked on a brand-new Donald Duck adventure for Sega’s Genesis, only for the game to stall and never receive a physical release in the US.

Our Bluffer’s Guide this issue looks at the popular rhythm action genre, from PaRappa The Rapper to the Rock Band series, while our latest collector’s guide focuses on some of the key games you should consider adding to your Mega-CD collection. Careful, you may need extra cash.

We’ve plenty of superb mini-articles as well looking at the likes of Barnstorming, Nomad, Metal Slug 3, Power Diggerz, Nitro Ball, Carve Snowboarding, Intrepid Izzy, Famicom Gems, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Super Smash Bros and much, much more.

Thanks for your continual support. Stay safe and we’ll see you all next month.

Darran Jones
Editor, Retro Gamer