Fiverr acquires CreativeLive

According to a post by Chase Jarvis founder of CreativeLive, Fiverr has acquired CreativeLive.

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Fiverr Expands Online Education Offering With Acquisition of CreativeLive

When I was 22 years old, I found myself at a crossroads. I had two choices, follow the “safe” path laid out for me–go to college, get a practical degree, and find a lifelong J.O.B. to provide security OR take the much-less-certain route, pursue my passions and my personal creativity. 

I saw traditional employment burdened by a rapidly changing culture and economy. Student debt, the eroding efficacy of a college degree, and a future where the jobs I wanted (and how I wanted to spend my life’s work) all influenced my thinking… That is when I began to see the classically “safe” path as increasingly risky.  As such, I chose differently. I chose to become a photographer – and I never looked back. 

It wasn’t always easy. I walked away from the careers that my parents, my friends and my career counselors wanted for me:  professional soccer, medical school, a PhD in philosophy, but walking away felt right. In fact, just as I found myself starting to break through and making enough to survive, I discovered something every bit as life-affirming as my own wants and needs: I discovered the creative community. A world full of other makers, doers, builders, creators, and entrepreneurs. It was a massive motivator to know there were others out there who shared similar interests and saw a future rich with possibility.

To that end, I began to put nearly as much energy into creating and sharing educational content documenting my journey as I did my commercial photo shoots. Some old-guard photographers told me I was “destroying the industry” by disclosing “secrets,” but hoarding knowledge didn’t sit right with me. I pushed their criticisms aside and doubled down on my commitment to share processes, tools, and ideas with the community. 

Little did I know helping others find the courage and know-how to pursue their own dreams would eventually culminate in launching CreativeLive back in 2010. These ideas and this community helped form the basis of what CL is today…the place where more than 10 million creators learn skills in photography, design, business, music and more.  From its humble beginning in a gritty little warehouse in South Seattle to where we are today, a sophisticated operation that teaches creators the skills they need to thrive.  We’ve delivered billions of minutes of learning to our students across every continent in the world – something myself and the entire team at CreativeLive are extremely proud of. 

An exciting new chapter: CreativeLive x Fiverr

So, yes, we’re more than a decade old, BUT…as it turns out, we’re just getting started. That’s why today, I’m excited to announce that CreativeLive has been acquired by Fiverrone of the world’s leading marketplaces to buy and sell digital services like design, photography, digital marketing, audio, video and more.

To explain in a bit more detail, I sent the following email to our community:..

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