Competition- Digital Art: Range of prizes, Entry Period and Rules, Clip Studio Paint Tutorial Themes for November 2021

Clip Studio Paint Tutorial Themes for November 2021 is out.

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Now accepting tutorials for TIPS of the Month

Entry period

Nov 1 (Mon) – Nov 30 (Tue) 01:00 GMT

Post a tutorial on one of the themes of the month and share your art knowledge with creators all over the world!
Each month, we’ll select the best tutorials on Clip Studio TIPS with new content across a range of genres for a total of up to US$10,000 in prizes!

This month’s themes are…

Theme 01
How to draw Dragons


Dragons are creatures of legend that simply cannot be left out of any fantasy work. Using Clip Studio Paint features, teach us everything about drawing dragons from the shape of their bodies to their wings and scales!

Theme 02
Blurring with Filters and Tools


Blurring can be used in drawing and staging to blend colors, create photo-like bokeh effects, add soft light, and so much more. How do you use tools and filters to create effective blurs in your works? Let us know!

Theme 03
Chalk and Pastel-style Art


We love seeing drawings on sandwich boards outside cafes or great art pieces drawn directly on the ground in city squares using traditional mediums such as chalk, pastels, and charcoal. We’d love to know how you achieve that effect in Clip Studio Paint. Maybe you use the Pencil tool > Pastels, or perhaps some other way! Tell us all about it.


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