Magazine: Imagine FX January 2021 Issue’s moment with ‘Final Fantasy’ Video Game and more

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is one of the year’s most anticipated video games, and in this issue, we sit down with the key artists who have brought the world of Eorzea to life. If you love the series or want to break into the industry this issue is unmissable.

Notoriously shy to reveal how they create the art behind Final Fantasy XIV the insights offered by art team lead Yusuke Mogi, background concept artist Rokuma Saito, lead character concept artist Ayumi Namae, and character concept artist Tetsu Tsukamoto are unmissable. Tsukamoto-san in particular has worked on the series since Final Fantasy VII.

The video game theme permeates the entire issue, with new workshops revealing how to concept a boss character, speedpaint a unique mech, master a procedural environment design process in Blender, and get to grips with Thomas Scholes’ modular concept art process. All tutorials come with video training and resources.

Away from comics, Isis Sousa completes her series of core skills workshops for Corel Painter 2022. This issue she explains her favourite watercolour tools and how best to use them. Patrick J. Jones shares why the use of good reference for oil painting is important. And, we review Procreate 5.2 and ArtRage Vitae.

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