Are you ready for the next ‘Paradigm Shift’ coming soon to the crafting community?

The creative sector is constantly being innovative with its products and how it can satisfy the next generation.

There is a paradigm shift coming to the crafting Community sooner than you think.
Have you researched the next generation of crafters?
The surge for diversification and creativity are on the increase in the creative community or sectors and this will have a vast effect on craft especially papercraft.
With the urge for more products but less physical items, digital crafting is taking a progressing path while sticking cutouts to make cards is taking a retrogressive path.
Some families have thrown the physical craft items or craft products left behind by other family members. 
Some stores have stopped stocking craft dies but opting for digital cutters instead.
Paints, ink expiring on shelves, marker pens drying up, consumerism with little usage of products acquired, lots of craft products ending up in landfills have contributed to it.
Will this change affect your crafting? Are you ready for the transformation in craft?

Remember, things are phasing out fast.

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