Features dominated by Netflix, Issue 209 Imagine FX directs the screen

Issue 209 of the ImagineFX magazine is out.

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Get ahead in animation with the latest issue of ImagineFX, which provides training and advice to create your own characters, concept sets, and begin animating in VR.

Our professional artists who work at Netflix, Sony, and other animation studios share their advice for simplifying character designs and designing background art for animated movies. Also, director and virtual reality creative Dan Franke reveals how to get started in VR animation with Oculus Quill – sketch, storyboard, and animate your shorts from inside virtual reality.

Features in ImagineFX issue 209 are dominated by Netflix. The streaming service’s commitment to animation has grown and its ability to enable artists to make the series and films they want is evident. We speak to the art director, director, and character designer behind Maya and the Three; Paul Sullivan, Jorge Gutierrez, and Sandra Equihua share their art and advice.

The creative director and art director behind Netflix’s Arcane series speak to us too, exclusively sharing production art behind the League of Legends animated series. Plus we get art and insights from the creative teams behind Aardman’s Robin Robin, Back to the Outback, and discover how the art team behind The Mitchells vs The Machines made one of 2021’s best-animated films.

All this and we discover how Insomniac Games’ John Sweeney managed to overcome imposter syndrome, why you should upgrade to Photoshop 2022, and why Parblo’s Intangbo could be the best graphic tablet you’ve not heard of yet.

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Enjoy your ImagineFX Magazine!

Ian Dean
Editor, ImagineFX Magazine

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