Machine Knitting: A-Z of Machine Knitting- Letter L is for …

Letter L in machine knitting is for …

Lace Carriage: This is a knitting machine carriage that is used for knitting lace patterns.

Loop: This is a small, narrow opening or a fold or doubling of the yarn through which another yarn or hook can be inserted into. Loops can be created on the knitting machine by lifting a knitting piece of garment from the knitting machine without casting off the rows before removing the knitted piece.

Left side: This is the left side when machine knitting.

Lining: This is the inner clothing or material inserted or sewn into the knitwear to conceal seams, interfacing as well as prevent the garment from being too transparent. Lining can be done using knitwear as well as other fabrics.

Lining using knitted fabric.
Lining using fabric.

Long-tail: This refers to a strand of yarn that is long and can be darned or used for other purposes as the garment instruction indicates.

Lace: This is a stitch pattern that has holes.

Left side of the carriage: This is the left side of the carriage used on the knitting machine or ribber. Knitwear instructions do give instructions regarding the left side of this carriage and this can include the setting of the knobs of the carriage to

Left side of knitting: This is the left side of the garment being knitted on the knitting machine. Knitwear instructions refer to the left side of the knitting especially during a decrease or increase of stitch, shaping, partial knitting, stitch pattern knitting and many more.

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