Crafters TV Trademark war: Anino writes on “Why she withdrew Crafters TV application from UK IPO

I know that many of you have been waiting for the reason why I withdrew my application from the UK’s IPO.

Some of you already know the reason but some do not… so here it is from me… I withdrew it to let peace reign and I don’t have time for false accusations being peddled about me and getting into endless scruffles. Even if it when through the scruffles will never end!

I have already gotten another name whereby I can include most craft products and I am working with that name now.

Crafters TV ( will remain my online portfolio for games, animation and virtual reality until I decide otherwise.

Thank you so much,



  1. People can stop creating their own narrative and lies now but NO they rather believe their lies. You have put out the same reason many times but not as a header like this, so I understand the misunderstandings and lies being spun around. Well done on walking 🚶‍♂️ away and deciding what you focus and time on. You would have spent your days fighting. Peace is needed in the long run 🏃‍♂️ of pursuit. Congratulations on your new business name. Greater heights to you. Facebook changed its name to Meta /MetaVerse for a bigger purpose. You won’t have been able to do crafts but now you can include anything and also have Crafters TV as your animation, virtual reality and gaming platform. Kudos you you – you now have two catchy names.

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