Happy New Month: ‘Stratosphere with Art and Photography’, We Welcome You to the Month of February in 2022

As you have seen in an earlier post (New Year) our theme for this year 2022 is “Stratosphere with the Creative Sector”.

Our theme for this month is “Art and Photography Stratosphere”.

We will be featuring traditional and digital art as well as photography. This will include courses, groups, memes, books, events, schools, software, magazines, collaborations, companies, products, and many more.

We will try to keep you entertained as we celebrate the “Arts and Photography” events.

Every month we will try and put out a project for each creative sector. Haahaaahaa, you will notice that I am now using the word “Creative Sector” instead of craft that is to show the progression we are making in our network. No more limitations!

We hope that this month is great for you.

We wish you the best of the month.

Thank you,


    • Hello Mr OwO,
      Thank you for the suggestion and link. I have taken a look at the site. Cool
      graphics. Hope I don’t get lost looking at lovely graphics by other creatives and forget that I have to blog and also find out more about the site so that I can join it.

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