Reminisce of a Crafter: Season 2, Episode 5: #IntroducingMyself– #CraftersMedia

Anino reminisces about the time she sang, rapped and spoke while she was told to introduce herself.

The camera focused on me as I sat down quietly trying to figure out how to answer the question that I have been asked.

I did not know what to say and then a smile appeared on my lips.

Let me introduce myself to you I said…

I started singing…

Do you want me to introduce myself in a rhyme? (singing)

or do you want me to introduce myself like a marketer with three hundred words in a minute? (rap)

or do you want me to introduce myself like a lady who is choosing her words carefully? (speaking slowly)

No matter the pace… (singing)

I am Anino Ogunjobi. (singing)


I was born in a little town down south. (singing)

The name is on my passport please don’t say it aloud. (singing)

I was not given birth in the home like all my peers who formed a home birth clique. (rap)

But in all, I’m still Anino Ogunjobi. (singing)


I learned a lot of creative activities to keep myself busy. (singing)

My passion and love for the creative life took the best part of me. (rap)

I just love being creative and appreciating the creative works of others regardless of the creative sector (speaking slowly)

In everything that I do, I’m still Anino Ogunjobi (singing)


I stood up to answer a call and when I returned, someone asked who I am and some kids who were watching the programme while we were recording decide to introduce me in unison with a song,

“She is Anino Ogunjobi”.

I burst out laughing and everyone with me laughed too.

On my way back home, I was reminiscing about the whole event.

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