The Craft Store Facebook page gives ‘fiery steam’ as Ian presents more proof of the background shown on Two Red Robins being a stock image regardless of Stephanie Weightman claims

Crafters troop to The Craft Store’s Facebook page to request accountability as Ian W. shares a poster and links of the original artist as more proof of the background shown on Two Red Robins being a stock image regardless of Stephanie Weightman claims on The Craft Store’s Facebook page.


The background images from the Two Red Robins (Highlight Crafts) Dreams Come True paper pack (these will be shown at 6pm tonight), and other collections (either printed, downloaded or on a USB memory stick), have been created using Royalty-Free licenced artwork from image websites such as Dreamstime or Shutterstock.

The Dreams Come True paper pack is from…/two-red-robins-dreams…/

This is a link to one of the images used in the Dreams Come True paper pack, by Anna Rudenko (Annarud), Lobnya, Russian Federation…

The Craft Store

Good Morning, We are aware of allegations made connected to comments made on air relating to a selection of images and where the inspiration may have come from, thank you for bringing this to our attention we are discussing this with our supplier.

Thank you all for your feedback. Of course we do value all of our customers and their opinions. It is your prerogative to shop with whichever company you choose. We have a passion for craft and will continue to work to our highest standard and spread happiness to those that enjoy crafting as much as we do.

Crafters United

Thank you The Craft Store for your reply to the many complaints about Stephanie Weightman and the presenters who tell untruths. You make it quite clear that you will continue to advertise in this manor and as customers we should go elsewhere. Your reply smacks of arrogance, you seem to be appalled that your customers can make such judgements on your staff. Your defence of the persons involved and almost anger at the customers for raising the complaints shows you ignorance for understanding exactly how a business works….. if you have no customers… you have no business. I suggest to you that this new venture with Stephanie Weightman has got off to the worst start ever, its alienated a large percentage of your customers and now with this revelation, even more will stay away in there droves. It is indeed a sad day for the craft industry.

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