Creative Sector News: Crafters Media TalkShow tête-à-tête programme titled Craft Engagement with Episode one focusing on Cake Inventory

Crafters Media has commenced and we will be releasing the programme for the creative talk show soon!

During Crafters Media – Creative Talk Show, we have a programme titled “Craft Engagement”. Craft Engagement will feature project or projects that may be in series or just singular projects for the show. In our first Craft Engagement episode, we are having Cake Discussion Series titled “Cake Inventory” where we will make a cake and the video will be available on Crafters Media and Anino TV YouTube channel.

The first cake we will be discussing is the “Sponge Cake” and we will take a look at the “Victoria Sponge Cake”. Other cakes will follow in later episodes in that series title.

We will define or answer the question, What is a Sponge Cake?

We will talk about different “Types of Sponge Cake” and make them.

The Sponge Cake Recipes will be available to download on this blog.

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