Creative/ Live Gaming: Following a set of rules, release and set the pace for your creativity

Hello Everyone,

Since most of us are trying to use craft/ creative items that we have bought, I just thought of this…It is a creative game but you have to follow the rules and see what you can make.

Although this is just game 1, the second game (Game 2) will be in June 2022 and it is a little different. I have drafted up to game 6 for now.

Rules- Game 1 {30 days duration (May 1st to May 31st)- make as many designs as you can}

  1. Pick a creative sector of your choice.
  2. Pick three(3) craft items.
  3. The finished item to be made must contain your hair or eye colour (note* not original hair or eye colour- just the colour that it is now).
  4. Add two more colours to the design you intend to make.
  5. The design must not contain a flower or leaf.
  6. The design should tell a short story or phrase.
  7. The design must include a geometric shape.
  8. The design must use a piece of equipment that you have not used for a long time.
  9. Share your finished artwork on Facebook groups or any social media pages with the hashtags #TheCrafterInMe, #MyTakeOnCreativity, and #Game1, so that people can see your work. Make as many designs as you can.

Note* Your artwork 1 and your artwork 2 can be different in colours but must follow the rules. Why not give it a go and see what you can make from the craft items that you bought.

Thank you.

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