Video- Crafters Engagement- Home Cooking: Suitable for vegetarians when certain ingredients are omitted, Beans pudding( moi- moi) using Cannelini Beans– Anino TV

In this series of Crafters Engagement, Anino showed her Home-cooking skills by making Beans Pudding also known as Moi-Moi (moimoi) using Cannelini Beans which is suitable for vegetarians when certain ingredients are omitted


*Cannellini Beans

*Scotch Bonnet


*Seasoning Cube

*Oil- sunflower or vegetable or palm oil

*Onions- (optional)

*Eggs – boiled(optional) remove for vegetarians

*Prawns- dried (optional) remove for vegetarians




*Microwaveable bowl with cover

*Large pot



*Soup ladle


*Mixing bowl

Watch on Anino TV YouTube

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