Crafters TV: “Daily Diary of Athena the Craft Goddess” Season 1, Episode 1: Tale of The Internet #SocialMedia

After winning Athena-the craft goddess game, What next? is the question.

Here is what it is next, it continues …


Yes! This time the new craft goddess is in the modern age and she is now touring the creative industry and documenting things in every sector as she compares them with the good old days.

Moreover, she is now a friend of Athena, to who she writes daily. Athena looks forward to hearing and reading her narrative experiences.

Hope you will take the journey with us as we open Athena’s daily dairy to see what the new craft goddess writes as we prepare to enhance our game.

It was a journey into the future to see how the craft community now is. After holding the title of “Craft Goddess” and passing it to me since I won her in the various challenges and she sought to harm me, Athena’s temper has calmed and here I am as the new Craft Goddess.

I decided to relate in tales to her, Athena, the difference between the craft community in time past and the modern community.

I write her emails sometimes or send her a video or pictures of what is happening.

Dear Athena,

Aspiring to be a creative goddess is not an easy task. One has to learn creativity, beauty and speaking and also a warrior. To disarm an opponent without resulting in lies but using the pieces of evidence against the opponent.

Oh well! The creativity has to be top-notch. You need to teach others.

Sometimes you want to do absolutely nothing not really nothing just enjoying the moment without hard work.

Oh, enjoying the moment is hard work. How can you enjoy the moment without having distracting thoughts or activities? It is one of the toughest jobs to do. Even when trying to sleep, all is not so easy… phone call, doorbell ringing, hmmmmm! Being a goddess in this modern world is hard.

In ancient times, one has to just eat grapes and yoghurt not much work but in this age, you have to pose for the camera, the social media ritual of posting, replying to comments, and liking comments. You don’t want to lose your crown. Even with the crown on your head, some snatching is taking place.

Ok! I am liking this age. Women are fighting for their rights and are very vocal. A woman can be anything she wants to be.

Keeping up with creativity in this modern age is no joke. Before you learn one design, another is trending.

I had to write everything down to ensure most details are included and any detail missing will be added in a later story.

So the journey begins in one of the creative sectors. I won’t tell of only one creative sector at a time, I will tell stories of different sectors not to bore you.

The modern world is a bit different now. From the clothes, they wear to how they communicate or play games have advanced. They have a broad space where anyone can post pictures through their phone and it is called the internet and social media is a platform for most of those activities. It is tedious keeping up with those social media rituals as I do call them. I have to post daily so that no one takes my crown. I also have to comment on posts (mine and others) as well as like other people’s posts. The internet is a digital space and we upload images through our phones and computer.

Almost everyone is rich on the internet but that is not true in real life. The internet is different from real life. So today, I will talk briefly about the internet then in my next diary talk, I will talk about a sector so that I do not overwhelm you with information.

I write to you using a computer but since in your time and age there is no computer, I will always include a painting or drawing of it so that when this message is related to you, you will visualise it perfectly since, everything will be translated on a scroll.

I will tell you about the games we play and many more.

If you were here today, you will be working hard to keep your crown not just eating yoghurt and grapes or drinking wine and going to war or making a little craft and thinking you are fulfilled. It is a constant battle of creativity in this age. You have to update and learn a lot. I hope to keep the crown.

I hope you still play your Lyre. The musical instruments are so numerous that it is quite difficult to differentiate some because they look alike.

Did I tell you about the hashtag? #AthenaTheCraftGoddess That is a discussion for another day.

Play the game “Athena- The Craft Goddess” on your browser without the need to download it.


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