Software: Incomedia sets WebAnimator4 into momentum

Incomedia’s WebAnimator4 has launched and you can watch a video clip below.

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Create perfect HTML animations and interactive web contents, without writing a single line of code.

Animations work very well! They catch and keep the audience’s attention. With WebAnimator you can create banners, interactive presentations, animated backgrounds and texts and much more. Bringing your contents to life has never been so easy!


*Rich library of preset Effects and automatic keyframe generation mode.

*Wide range of customizable elements: DIV, text, HTML widget, images, audio files, videos, symbols, preset and free forms.

*Powerful animation functions: sprite sheets, motion paths, easing methods, morphing, text and freehand drawing animations, etc.

*Integrated JavaScript editor and support of external scripts such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

*Export to HTML5 and to different video formats.

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