Amy Butler launches her Web Store Drop with fabric samples

Here is a message from Amy Butler as she launches her Web Store Drop…

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Webstore Drop ~ Beautiful Treasures to Share!

Hello Friends,

It’s almost time for the launch of our web store drop! I have some sneak peek images here for you to enjoy! Our event will be highlighting 4 NEW Hand Block Printed Fabric Bundles and a treasure trove of specialty SALE items that will make the gift of Handmade easy for Valentine’s Day.

Our Web Drop will go “live” at 12pm EST on Monday 2/6 and remain open for 2 weeks.

When the web store is open it’s easy to make purchases. You simply shop as you would on any other web store platform. The day of the drop I will post the links you’ll need so you can explore our offering. You’ll find these links on my Facebook & Instagram pages and on my Website. For our international friends, we do ship internationally!

I hope you can join us for a moment or two!

Our NEW Fabric Bundles:

{ left to right }

Water Lily & Acacia

I’d like to leave you with this….

We are so grateful to be in this creative space with you to enjoy, honor and celebrate the uniqueness of each of us. It’s a huge pleasure to curate the souk, & explore and embark on new adventures! Thank you for being here. XO Amy

A Blessing as you move into this new year. ~ by Holiday Phillips

May you be blessed with the knowing.

That your very existence changes the world,

In ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

The smile at a stranger,

The perfectly timed hug,

The ‘how are you”( that actually wants the answer ),

It all changes the world.

You see, you don’t need to have a thousand Instagram followers,

Or a personal mission statement,

Or a long list of accolades.

And the difference you make may not be measured in dollar bills,

Or time gained, or lives saved.

But still, your very existence changes the world,

In ways you will likely never know.

Rest then, not in the knowing how you will change the world,

But in the simple certainty, that you already are.