Crafters Inventory- Books: Day 19- How to do things with video games by Ian Bogost

From Crafters Inventory’s book section, we are delighted to feature on Day 19, a book titled, How to do things with video games by Ian Bogost.

About the book

In recent years, computer games have moved from the margins of popular culture to its center. In How to Do Things with Videogames, Ian Bogost explores the many ways computer games are used today: documenting important historical and cultural events; educating both children and adults; promoting commercial products; and serving as platforms for arts, P*****graphy, exercise, relaxation, pranks, and politics. Bogost concludes that as video games become ever more enmeshed with contemporary life, the idea of gamers as social identities will become obsolete, giving rise to gaming by the masses. But until games are understood to have valid applications across the cultural spectrum, their true potential will remain unrealized.