Reminisce of a Crafter Season 2, Episode 10: Moodboard Inspirations #OrangeCravings

Cheryl writes about her orange cravings.

Having to digitally illustrate a fruiting orange tree and fairies harvesting the fruits for a storybook was a delight. I had to allow my brain to go into “imaginative mode”.

I tried my sketch on paper and then progressed to do the same on the graphic software. I opened the drawing software on my computer and then got the graphics stylus and its graphics tablet. After connecting the drawing/ graphics tablet to my computer, I progress to selecting a suitable brush with a good width for the sketch.

I remembered that I didn’t take pictures of oranges as I desired them to be so I checked on the internet to see if I could get pictures of some cut oranges. I saw some pictures but I decided to go for something different.

Suddenly, my phone rang and it was Tracy,

“Hello Cheryl”, Good morning, are you at home now? I will be around your house and I do love to visit you. Tracy’s voice came through.

I switch the audio call to a video call to see her face.

“Hello Tracy”, Good morning. ” Are you sure you are not at my doorstep? I replied with a smirk on my lips.

“No! I am at the grocery shop right now. Take a look around”, Tracy replied as she turned the phone camera to show me the shop.

“Oh well, I am at home but will only welcome you if you can get me oranges,” I said smiling as I tried to be serious but ended up laughing.

I will send some cash to your account now. I don’t want any excuse that you ran out of money” I said making a scowl and then easing it to a frown.

“Please, don’t, it is only £1.50. I will collect it in cash when I bring your oranges” Tracy said as she winked.

I laughed and agreed. “See you then!”.

Tracy is fun to be with and I will enjoy her company since she will cook and tell different stories. Oh! Tracy can talk without taking a breath and she can talk for 3 hours. She needs to start a talk show.

Luckily for me, the house is always tidy. I had some doughnuts in the freezer. She will put the doughnuts to warm up in the air fryer when she comes.

I returned to continue browsing about oranges.

I was wondering when Tracy would be at my house since it has been 3 hours since I spoke to her when I received her text message stating that she is five minutes from my house. She has finished with her client and is now free.

I heard her driving into the car park. I opened the door as soon as she was trying to ring the bell and she jolted. I laughed so hard because she was terrified. She then started laughing and reminded me that she must do a payback.

I left the oranges in the car, let’s go and get them she said as we went towards her car.

She opened the boot of the car and there was a full crate filled with oranges and a wicker basket filled with oranges too.

What are we going to use these oranges for I asked as she saw my shocked face.

Oh well, She raised her hands into the air making an “I don’t know signal.

Hmmm! Let’s get the crate of oranges inside. I said.

I held one handle while she held the other handle. The crate was still heavy but we managed to bring it into the kitchen.

Ok, here we go. You said, no oranges, no visit. I plan to stay for the night so….. she said laughing.

No way! That means you would have brought a trailer load of oranges if you were staying for the weekend or a week.

I know that there is nothing to eat in this house, Tracy said.

There are doughnuts in the freezer. Put a baking paper in the air fryer, place 4 sugar ring doughnuts on the baking paper, put the degree on 100 and the timer on 15- 20 minutes. There you have it. I will be in the conservatory.

Got it! Tracy replied as she opened the pantry door to get the baking paper.

As I left Tracy to do her things, I got some oranges, washed them, placed them on a plate and took them with me as I went to continue my illustration.

I took out the camera and did some photoshoots with the oranges.

Tracy came in with a plate of doughnuts. Thanks for the tip. I will buy and put doughnuts in the freezer from now on.

I started illustrating while Tracy was eating her doughnuts.

My mind drifted to my childhood- teen years when my dad bought lots of oranges and ensured we took at least two a day. Oh! I would peel them and divide them into equal halves, share them with family and friends that visited. Sometimes, I would cut the orange in not equal halves so that the upper part is smaller than the bottom. Sometimes, I would peel the rind off like tangerines or clementines and eat the oranges like that.

I learned to use oranges for different things. I even made glazed oranges to decorate cakes.

I told Tracy the story and she laughed.

Ok, we may have to recreate these recipes and activities since you have a “De Ja Vu”.

She got some Icing sugar and squeezed the juice from an orange into it. she mixed it and then drizzled it over her doughnuts. Hmmm! This is delicious. Thanks for the story. Now I know what to do with oranges.

We then shared ideas on what we could do with oranges, especially for my business.

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