Crafters Application: Work with our New Product Development(NPD)! Crochet Now utters a team call for crocheters in Stockport/Greater Manchester area

Are you a crocheter in the Stockport/Greater Manchester environs, Crochet Now is seeking for you.

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Crochet Now – call for crochet creatives!

Work with our crochet NPD team

We’re growing at Crochet Now and Practical Publishing – and we need help!We are passionate at Practical Publishing about providing creative people with the very best products and ideas, and we want to grow what we offer our crochet audience. 

We haven’t decided what this looks like yet – we are very much in the early stages – but that’s where growing our new product development (NPD) team comes in. 

We are looking for crochet creatives in the Stockport/Greater Manchester area, who would be willing to worth for up to half a day a week with us on coming up with new ideas, researching, and testing.

We are currently just looking for people who would be able to come into the office (Bredbury) at the moment, though this may change in the future.

If you have any questions please give me a shout!