Silhouette, Line Art, Fill Art video tutorial for Anino’s video book titled ‘The Versatility of A Digital Image in Various Crafts’ now on Anino Ogunjobi TV YouTube

Anino has released the video tutorial on “Lineart to Silhouette, Line Art, Fill Art ” using the image in her video book titled “The Versatility of a Digital Image in Various Crafts”.

About the video.

In this video tutorial, Anino teaches how to create a silhouette, line-art and fill-art using lines or line techniques in Affinity Designer graphics software.

This video tutorial will also be on her YouTube channels “Crafters Media”, and Anino Ogunjobi TV.

*The video will demonstrate how to rotate the image using graphics software to fit the work surface.

*Saving the image.

*Using the Auto-select tool.

*Closing open lines to enclose the image.

*Using colours to create silhouettes, line art and fill art.

*and many more.

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