Knitwear Inventory: Crocheted Triangular Top and Irish Rose Duffle Bag Part 1 now on Anino Ogunjobi TV YouTube and Crafters Media YouTube

For our Knitwear Inventory, Part 1 of Crocheted Triangular Top and Irish Rose Duffle Bag by Anino OGunjobi is now on our YouTube Channels.

About the video

In this video, Anino demonstrates how to crochet this Triangular Top.

This is part 1 which focuses on the triangular top. Part 2 of this video will focus on the Irish Rose Duffel Bag.

This top is like a Triangular Poncho. This top requires Double crochet and chain stitches (American terms).

Materials needed;

* Sewing Machine or tapestry needle

*Yarn – 100g x 3 or 4 (depending on size) approximately.

*Crochet hook 4.5 *Tape measure. You will learn the techniques of;

* Crocheting the triangular top. *Measuring and sewing the Triangular Top.

*Making the Triangular shape and Trio pattern.

*Enjoy making and wearing your Triangular Top.

Thanks for watching.

You can also watch the Triangular shape and its trio pattern used in this top here

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