Knitting paradise

Knitting paradise is a forum where

you can connect with various knitters

(hand knitting, machine knitting)

or crochet people round the world.

You can also discuss other crafts,

because there is a column for that too.

You can ask for help and they are kind

and friendly in the forum, they tends to help you.

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Robin yarns
knitting yarns for hand knitting and machine knitting; yarn is by Thomas B. Ramsden                                                                Photo credit: Ahudybery®
kh950i electronic knitting machine and dak cable
kh950i electronic knitting machine and dak cable                                                               Photo credit: Ahudybery®
machine knitting blanket
Tuck stitch on the lk150 or k360 silver reed knitting machine                                         Photo credit: Ahudybery®
lk150 or k360 knitting machine
Lk 150 or k360 knitting machine by silver reed                                                               Photo credit: Ahudybery®