Baby shower crafting: free carrot juice recipe

Fresh Carrot juice by anino ogunjobi
Photo credit: Anino Ogunjobi

Here is a healthy drink to make.

You don’t need to add sugar or

sweetener because carrot juice is naturally sweet.

Carrot is rich in vitamin A, which is good for eyesight and so on.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Next post, we will use the pulp from

the carrot to make our “carrot cupcakes”.

Happy juice making!


Carrot -fresh


Juice extractor


drinking glass

potato peeler


STEP 1: To clean the carrots, scrape the carrots with the potato peeler.

(this prevents your carrot juice from discolouring)


STEP 2: Following your  juice extractor manufacturer’s

instructions and put your carrot.



STEP 3: place sieve on top of the jug

(this is to sieve more of the carrot’s pulp

while the juice is being collected into the jug)


STEP 4: place pulp in a bowl (you can use it for carrot cake)

or you can discard it, if desired.