Free Gift box tutorial using colour palette

colour palette gift box by anino ogunjobi



In today’s post, we will be using the colour palette we derived in previous post/video (here) to make this beautiful floral gift box.

Greeting cards, confectioneries or different gifts can be put in a gift box.

So have fun making your boxes.

Happy box making!

colour palette by ahudybery


Materials needed

Cardstock A4 ; green, lilac, red (2 of each)

Liquid glue (strong)


Score board or box maker board



1: place green cardstock on score board and score about 2 inches from each edge.

scoring the gift box



2: fold score lines as in picture, and cut a snip at each edge for flaps as illustrated below

cutting the flaps of gift box



3: Put glue on each flap.

add glue to flap of gift box


add glue to flap of gift box 2



4: stick flaps to the 2 inches scored sides, to form the box.

glued flaps of gift box



5: cut out a square or rectangle  cardstock to decide the size of your topper. Place it on top of box.

fitting topper to gift box



6: If you are happy with the size of the topper in step 5, cut out the same shape of card from the other coloured cardstock and then make it about 1cm smaller than each topper. ( this is to create a beautiful border when the cardstock is being layered).

Glue the toppers together anad then glue to top of gift box

matting and layering cardstock for topper



7: Cut out flower shapes; leaves from green cardstock and flower from red cardstock.

cup  one of the flowers to add dimension (curled around a pen).

cut paper flowers and leaves



8: Glue leaves to topper.

glue leaves to topper on gift box



9: glue the first flower ( not cupped) to the leaves.

arrange flat flower on gift box



10: glue cupped flower to the flat flower

arrange cupped flower on box



11: cut a strip of red cardstock and snip with a scissors as illustrated below (this is the stamen).

flower stamen  gift box



12: Roll this stamen and glue to secure it. Glue stamento centre of flower.

flower topper on gift box



Photo credit: Anino Ogunjobi