12 days of christmas , Baking : Nigerian egg roll

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Egg roll is a boiled egg which has been wrapped in dough and then fried in hot oil.

Egg roll is a delicacy and can be served in a variety of occasions ( birthdays, new home, christmas, easter and much more).



MAKES 10-12


Plain flour (all purpose flour)- 290gms

Sugar (omit if desired)- 37gms

Salt- pinch

Oil (sunflower or vegetable ) for deep frying

Egg (hard boiled) – 10\12

Water- 0.15Litres

Butter\margarine  – 88gms


  1. Heat the oil
  2. Put flour , salt, sugar, butter in a mixing bowl and mix until mixture looks like breadcrumbs.

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3. Add the water and continue mixing until dough is thoroughly mixed.

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4. Cut a small lump of dough and cover your eggs with it. ( dough is  a bit sticky, you can sprinkle flour on your palm).

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5. Roll dough with egg between your palms until egg is fully covered.

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6. Fry the roll in a moderate heat deep fryer, until it is golden brown ( Moderate heat, enables the dough cook properly especially the inside).

7. When roll is ready, remove from deep fryer and place on a kitchen tissue to absorb oil. Serve with drinks .

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