Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing with April Bowles-Olin – September 29 to October 30

april bowles olin double your marketing


Become an online marketing master with this five-week bootcamp for creative business owners! From blog to email and social media, April will teach you how to best reach your target audience and build your customer base.

April is the brains behind Blacksburg Belle – an online resource for all things marketing for the creative entrepreneur. In this bootcamp, April will help you completely revision your entire marketing program and get the results you want. Through short daily lessons, you’ll learn how to market online so you reach the right audience and get the right results. You’ll learn:

  • The psychology of marketing
  • How to double your blog readership
  • Strategies for increasing your newsletter subscribers
  • The ins and outs of email marketing
  • How Instagram can grow your business
  • The basics behind Twitter
  • Facebook marketing and so much more!

Double your Followers with Creative Marketing will transform any creative entrepreneur from marketing amateur to marketing master. April will help you refine your copywriting skills so you connect with your target audience with every social media update, blog post, and email campaign you publish.

You’ll also learn marketing strategies based on the principles of psychology so you feel confident that your communications are sending the exact right message at just the right time.

Please visit, Creativelive to RSVP for the free live class.