It’s National cupcake week 14th-20th september 2015

national cupcake week




It is national Cupcake week.

If you don’t like eating cupcakes;

  • you can paint a picture of cupcakes,
  • Crochet a cupcake
  • Knit a cupcake
  • draw a cupcake
  • sew a cupcake
  • sing a song for cupcake lovers
  • make greeting cards from cupcakes pictures or shapes

Whatever way you prefer, just enjoy making your cupcakes.

National Cupcake Week 2015 takes place between 14-20 September and is a huge celebration of the tasty treats.

Please ,start baking, decorating and giving those delicious cupcakes -healthy and so.

We have carrot cupcakes  and cupcake video in youtube (Anino tv).

You can also print the recipes from our previous posts here and here.

You can also search the internet, books, for cupcake recipes  from different people and enjoy the Cupcake week.

Happy Cupcake making!