Super Blood Moon; Lunar eclipse on 27-28th September 2015

blood moon

Mark your calendars for Sept. 27-28. Scientists say that’s when a supermoon lunar eclipse will rule the sky for the first time in 30 years.

The night of September 27-28 will bring a “blood moon.” To skywatchers, it simply refers to the copper color the moon takes on during an eclipse, but to some Christian ministers, the fourth and final eclipse in a tetrad — four consecutive total lunar eclipses, each separated by six lunar months — fulfills biblical prophecy of the apocalypse. (The first three in the series took place April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; and April 4, 2015.) and they occured during the Jewish feast.

It has been noted in the past that “Blood Moons” occurs when something is about happening to Isreal including the blood moons coincides with Jewish holidays (which is logical, since Jewish holidays are based on the lunar calendar) and significant events in Jewish history — Patheos’ Bob Seidensticker noted that the minister was vague at some points and credulous at others.

This September full moon is also called a Blood Moon, because it presents the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart.

It’s the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon, or full moon nearest the September equinox. It’s the Southern Hemisphere’s first full moon of spring.

In the US, Canada, and Central and South America, this rare Total Lunar Eclipse of a Supermoon will begin on the evening of September 27, 2015. In Europe, South/East Asia, Africa, the Arctic, and in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans it starts after midnight on September 28, 2015.

Also called a Blood Moon this eclipse will last for about 1 hour and 12 minutes.

* The Moon is above the horizon during this eclipse, so with good weather conditions in London, the entire eclipse is visible.

The magnitude of the eclipse is 1.276.

Total duration of the eclipse is 5 hours, 11 minutes.

Total duration of the partial phases is 2 hours, 8 minutes.

Duration of the full eclipse is 1 hour, 12 minutes.

For more information , visit : USAtoday, Nasa