Tutorial; quick Autumnal rubberstamped handmade greeting card by Anino Ogunjobi

autumn tree card by anino ogunjobi





Here is a lovely step by step tutorial of a rubberstamped greeting card by Anino Ogunjobi.

Anino Ogunjobi, designed the rubberstamp ( Landscape) for Innovation crafts UK.

The greeting card has been done in beautiful Autumnal colour palette.

Materials Needed

Landscape rubberstamp – tree design  by anino ogunjobi

Ink pad: orange

A4 x 2  White cardstock   –  250gms

A4 x 1 Dark brown cardstock

A4 x 1 Apple green cardstock

A4 x 1 Orange cardstock

Liquid glue ( I used UHU)

Ribbons satin- 1/2 (half) meter- orange,dark brown, apple green

Guillotine paper trimmer

Landscape rubberstamp by anino ogunjobi





1.  Ink the Tree design of the rubberstamp.

autumn tree card 1 by anino ogunjobi



2. Stamp it on a white card.

autumn tree card 3 by anino ogunjobi



3. Trim design , leaving a little border as in picture

autumn tree card 4b by anino ogunjobi



4. Place the Trimmed stamped tree design, on the green cardstock and glue it.

autumn tree card 5 by anino ogunjobi



5. Trim around it with the guillotine. Glue this to the orange card and trim, leaving a little border. Glue to the brown card and trim leaving a little border.

autumn tree card 6 by anino ogunjobiautumn tree card 7 by anino ogunjobiautumn tree card 8 by anino ogunjobi




6. Cut a large strip of brown card ( 20.8 cm by 6.7cm) and orange cardstock (20.2cm by 6.1cm) and then glue them together as in the picture below.

autumn tree card 9 by anino ogunjobi




7. Cut a strip of green cardstock (19.7cm by 5.6cm) and white cardstock (19.1cm by 5.1cm) – smaller than the orange cardstock. Glue the white cardstock to the green cardstock.

autumn tree card 10 by anino ogunjobi



8. Glue the ribbons to the white and green strip of cardstock as shown below.

autumn tree card 11 by anino ogunjobiautumn tree card 12 by anino ogunjobi



9. Glue the green and white cardstock’s strip with ribbons to the orange and brown cardstock strip and then glue mid-way on the front of card

autumn tree card 13a by anino ogunjobiautumn tree card 13 by anino ogunjobi




10.Place 3d sticky foam-pad at the back of the stamped tree topper and then place the topper on the card.

autumn tree card 14 by anino ogunjobiautumn tree card 15 by anino ogunjobi