Am I the only one seeing a hat here? says Becky Weaver – HATalk’s Editor as she looks at an acorn


Becky Weaver acornI have heard a theory that when you desire a red SUV, then your mind keeps that picture and from then onwards you start noticing all red SUVs.

Becky Weaver (Hatalk editor) shared a photo of a tanoak acorn which her daughter found in the park. Am I the only one seeing a hat here? Becky Weaver said as she captioned the picture.

I agree with Becky, I can see a hat but further more; I can see a layered feathery or frills dress or skirt ( since I sew).

I just wonder what other crafter’s might see.

  • for toy makers, they can see a dressed up fairy.
  • for tresses (hair stylist they can see a flicked layered hair,
  • for the fabric / textile designer they can see a new design theme,
  • for the sugar crafter they can see a shaped cake or cake (fondant) topper,
  • for the knitter and crocheter, they can see a knitted layered effect knitwear- dress, skirt, hair accessory and so on.
  • for the cross-stitcher, they can see an image to embroider in cross stitch.
  • for the beading or jewelry maker, they can see a beautiful pendant
  • for the digital crafter, they can see a beautiful graphic design,
  • for the home decorator , they can see a pot pourri.

So please what can you see; in respect to your crafting field?

Have fun, thinking outside the box!

Happy crafting!