November 2015 issue of Parchment craft magazine with 27 original and exclusive parchment designs

parchment craft magazine november 2015

For those of you who love the traditional element, make sure you pick up a copy and turn to page 8 and re-create a fantastic piece by Mary G. Kerr.

It’s a layered card and includes all elements of the craft. It’s been designed for the more experienced parcher, however as I’ve mentioned before, you can interpret the patterns however you see fit; don’t feel as if you have to stay faithful to the exact design.

If you want to add a section of Grid Work from your favourite Grid, go for it! Or maybe rather than finishing the piece with your Ball tools, add a splash of festive green or red to the design.

If you’re looking for something really bright and vibrant, the card which have been selected for inclusion on the cover is by Ann Hubbard. It’s a striking design which features a whole host of vivid colours, again, this will look as amazing if finished with your Ball and Shader tools.

Enjoy the issue.

Happy Parchment crafting!