The Best Thing to Happen to the Sewing World in Recent History: My Experience Using Sprout Patterns- Theresa

sprout pattern on fabric 2 

As a sewist, have you ever wondered how many hours of your life have been spent cutting out, taping, and painstakingly pinning pattern pieces onto fabric? Personally, just the thought of adding up all those hours scares me a little! Here at Spoonflower, all of us love to sew and we spend much of our time thinking about cool ways to modernize the process of making beautiful garments. From a Spoonflower employee’s “wouldn’t it be cool if….?” idea came the seed that eventually developed into Sprout Patterns

Sprout Patterns is a new service offering curated indie sewing patterns (from the likes of Colette Patterns, See Kate Sew, and By Hand London, just to name a few) that you combine with your own uploaded designs OR designs from the Spoonflower Marketplace to create customized cut and sew projects. Each project is digitally printed by Spoonflower at our Durham, NC headquarters and ships all over the world. 

I had so much fun stitching up the dress you see above! I used a design I created myself with watercolor paints, then chose a dress pattern from Colette that I’ve been wanting to try for a while, The Myrtle Dress. Whenever you order a project using your own designs, you will receive a 10% Spoondollar commission which will post to your Spoonflower account. Of course designers also receive 10% commission when their designs are ordered by someone else! Just use your Spoonflower email/password combination to log in to Sprout before getting started. 

At first I was a little nervous not knowing how it would fit, but Sprout provides wonderfully accurate sizing charts that put my mind at ease, as well as downloadable instructions that I could access any time from my Sprout account. Once I received the printed fabric, there was that initial “WOW!” moment when I saw how all of the pattern pieces were printed right there onto the fabric. Cutting out the pieces directly from the fabric saved me so much time and transformed a normally daunting process into a fun one. No need to make sure I’m cutting on the right size line–there’s only one line to cut!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to Sprout!

Your friend in fabric,