Use your design skills to create pattern designs that sell. We’ll show you how!The Graphic Designer’s Guide to Textile Design

 Use your design skills to make money in the exciting world of textile design!

As a graphic designer, you can create surface pattern designs buyers are looking for and use them to supplement your income, fill gaps in your design schedule, and explore your own creative design ability. We’ll show you how for just $4.97!

As a designer, you notice designs all around you… in nature, architecture, and clothing. Fabric used in home decor, fashion, and even quilting are created by designers just like you… using the same design skills you’ve mastered and applying them to hundreds of yards of fabric.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

1. Intro to Textile Design 

You’ll get started by learning more about textile design, including the words and phrases buyers use. We’ll share more info about the opportunity and help you see how to blend surface pattern design with your existing design work. You’ll start to get excited and see the possibilities for your own work!

2. Pattern Layout Options

Time to get down to business! You’ll learn to recognize the types of pattern layouts used in fabric and how they are used in our industry. You’ll start to see how you can transform your work into a layout that works on hundreds of yards of fabric.

pattern design course

3. Elements of a Strong Layout

What’s the difference between a pattern that catches your eye and one that is flat and boring? You’ll learn the little details that create a strong layout…and how to add them to your work. At the end of this lesson, you’ll know how to make your designs stand out in the marketplace and catch a buyer’s eye.

4. Creating Great Repeats

A great design is one thing… repeating it over hundreds of yards of fabric is another. You’ll learn how to repeat a design beautifully while avoiding obvious breaks, repeats, or unintended directionality in your work.

5. The Production Process

What does it take to print a design on fabric? You’ll learn the various printing methods and how they are used as well as the challenges manufacturers face when using your designs. You’ll learn how to prepare your designs for production and gather the information you need to serve clients in the textile design industry.

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