V-neck overlap sweater or jumper with shoulder buttonhole opening and a matching beanie/cap by Anino Ogunjobi is our knitwear of this week

v-neck ovelap sweater with button hole shoulder opening by anino ogunjobi ahudybery

Our knitwear for this week is a V-neck sweater with shoulder buttonhole opening by Anino Ogunjobi (A Hudy Bery®).

This sweater/jumper was knitted on the Lk150 knitting machine using stockinet stitch; Plain/solid coloured yarn for the welt , neckband and cuffs (to knit the rib) while the bodice and sleeves was knitted with self patterning or Paintbox yarn by Robin Paintbox (Thomas B. Ramsden). Yarn is 100% acrylic.

A video on how to knit this sweater/jumper without the buttonhole opening is available on Anino TV (youtube) and the pattern is available in PDF format on our website.(here)

To knit buttonhole opening, please watch our 0-3 months old sweater with shoulder buttonhole opening on Youtube.

Sweaters/jumpers with matching beanie will be available in our Ebay’s shop soon!.

Have fun knitting yours and do send in your pictures or tag me on Instagram.

Happy knitting!





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