Video: Machine knit a tuck stitch camisole on the knitting machine by Anino Ogunjobi

tuck stitch camisole screenshot by anino ogunjobi

In this video , Anino Ogunjobi teaches in detail, how to machine knit a “tuck stitch” camisole on the Lk150 knitting machine. See some pictures of the camisole in previous post (here).

She also showed variations of camisole knitted with;

  • ruffles on bust band,
  • mock rib on bust and waist band,
  • mock rib with crocheted Irish rose and I-chord acting as draw-string,
  • elastic bust band.

She instructed that because Tuck stitch has an elasticity effect, You needs to use about “4” sizes smaller than your actual chest/bust size but for other stitch pattern this may not be the case.