Crocus in parchment craft ; Project of the day

crocus parchment image 9

Lovely crocus line-art in a previous post (here); has been used on this parchment greeting card.

Materials needed

  • Embossing mat,
  • parchment paper A4,
  • colouring pencil: purple, green
  • Small ball Embossing tool,
  • A5 card
  • Shader embossing tool
  • metric ruler,

crocus parchment image 2


STEP 1:Score and fold parchment paper to form an A5 parchment. Place printed crocus paper on the embossing mat and then place the parchment paper on the printed paper. With the small embossing tool , trace the crocus flower.

crocus parchment image 3

crocus parchment image 4







STEP 2: place the parchment on the embossing mat ,draw a border around the crocus with the embossing ball tool and metric ruler.

Place parchment on embossing mat and with the shading tool held sideways; emboss in feather-like motion from base of each petal . Repeat from tip of petal towards the middle of each petal.

crocus parchment image 5 crocus parchment image 6 crocus parchment image 7







STEP 3: Emboss the leaves and stem.

crocus parchment image 8

STEP 4:Working on the front of parchment; Colour in the petals, leaves and stem of the crocus with a colouring pencil.

I used purple for the petals and green for the stem.

crocus parchment image 9

STEP 5: insert the A5 card like an insert for the parchment .