Our dearest sympathy to Craft designer- Joanna Sheen who lost both parents recently

joanna sheen

The last few days has been very sad indeed for Joanna. Her darling parents have both passed away, surprisingly only a few days apart which was very unexpected.

She is organising a joint funeral which she feels is a lovely touch for a couple that have been in love for so many years and once the funeral has happened She hopes it will help her find closure, right now it just seems very strange trying to adapt to the new normal!

Don’t worry about orders, stock or the business as all the members of staff are rallying behind me and the packing ladies are working their socks off as usual!  So your normal great service won’t be affected one bit! I on the other hand am a complete waste of space just for a while until I have come to terms with everything – Joanna says.

God Almighty will give you the courage to bear this loss. Accept our sincere Sympathy, Joanna Sheen.