Tuck lace gathered gown by Anino Ogunjobi is our knitwear of the week

tuck lace gathered gown knitwear by anino ogunjobi ahudybery®

Our knitwear of the week is a tuck-lace gathered gown by Anino Ogunjobi.

This gathered gown was knitted on the Silver reed’s standard gauge knitting machine (SK280) using a manual setting. This can be knitted on any flat bed knitting machine using the “tucking technique” which is putting some needles in hold position and putting some needles in non-working position.

The buttonhole shoulder opening on this gathered gown enable, ease of wear. A video on how to do the buttonhole shoulder opening is available on ANINO TV (Youtube)- 0-3months old sweater.

Different stitch patterns(stockinet, fair-isle, slip stitch, intarsia, single motif, lace, punch lace)can be used for the gathered part of the gown.

Anino is currently working on a video for knitting this gathered gown( with a stockinet stripe gathered) for a 0-3 months old on the SK280 knitting machine.

You can visit ANINO TV (Youtube) to watch her videos.

You can hand-knit or crochet yours.

Happy Knitting!