Introducing PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2017

Introducing PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2017

With the consumer’s constant desire to see something new continuing to influence color/design trends, the question becomes what path will drive success and consumer/client satisfaction?

For ever-divergent tastes and styling influences, PANTONEVIEW home + interiors highlights the key color stories for 2017 to help you meet the challenge of satisfying your customers.

When design decisions are being made, the question inevitably arises about the right color direction to take; As color choices are so closely tied to personal expression, the answer is in developing the ability to better assess and gauge client aspirations and lifestyle needs so that you can encourage the use of invigorated color/design palettes that will persuade, engage, enlist, and enable new directions.PANTONEVIEW home + Interiors 2017 Book PANTONEVIEW home + Interiors 2017 with Color Guide

PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2017 trend forecast offers visual inspiration, key color direction and suggested color harmonies for interior design and home furnishings, including housewares, appliances, decorative accessories, bedding, textiles, bath, toys, flooring, indoor and outdoor furniture, paint, floral and food design. Individual 1” by 4” cotton swatch strips of each of the 81 forecasted colors also included.

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